Therapist to therapist with Tiffany M.

Today, a new kind of “series” will start running on the blog. This new thing will be called “Therapist to therapist” and it is practically me asking a bunch of questions to some master therapists out there!

First on the list is Tiffany M., whom I consider something as a virtual mentor. Her super helpful website “Hey Tiffany” is totally dedicated to young therapists out there trying to to build a successful practice. If you haven’t been there already, RUN there, now!

Tiffany M. is (probably a superhuman) Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who holds a private practice in San Francisco. She has a Masters of Science in Clinical Psychology. She works psychodynamically with a psychoanalytic background. I admire her combination of humour and serious work and her fresh way of thinking. I’m glad I found her in this deep sea of the web. She decided to make a video response to my interview questions! Without further ado, here she is!

"Therapist to therapist with Tiffany M."

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